Math 125:  Calculus I



Course Description:  The course will begin with a brief review of some precalculus topics, and will then will introduce limits, and continuity.  We will spend the bulk of the class discussing the derivative of a function, numerically, algebraically, and graphically.  We will also explore several important applications of the derivative.  Click here for a more detailed schedule


Instructor:  Dr. Barry Balof (


Office:  236 Olin Hall, 527-5152.

Office Hours (subject to change): Monday, 2-4; Wednesday1:30-3:30.  Also by appointment or by chance. 



Time:  Section 1:  TThF  8:00-8:50

            Section 2:  TThF  10:00-10:50


Textbook:  Calculus Concentrate by Russ Gordon (required)

                    Schaumıs Outlines (optional)

                    Both texts are available at the bookstore


Homework:  Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis.  Though only a select few problems will be graded, it is expected that you attempt all the problems assigned.  Additionally, there will be nightly short answer assignments that are to be turned in via email.  These assignments together will count for 15% of your final grade.  Click here for homework assignments.


Exams:  There will be three exams in this class, in addition to the final.

         Exam 1 will be on Tuesday, September 23rd  

         Exam 2 will be on Thursday, October 23rd

         Exam 3 will be on Thursday, November 20th

         The Final Exam will be scheduled by the Registrarıs office


Note that Exam 3 will be on the Thursday before Thanksgiving Break.  Please make your travel plans accordingly.


Make-up exams will not be given except in the case of illness, in this case, you must receive verification from a health professional and the Dean of Students of your condition


Each of the three exams will be worth 20% of your final grade, your final exam will be worth 25% of your final grade. 


Academic Honesty:  Students are allowed, and in fact, strongly encouraged, to collaborate on homework assignments.  However, the work that you turn in must be your own.  No copying from any source!  Exams will be closed book, closed notes, and closed colleague.


Special Needs:  Any student with a disability for whom special accommodations would be helpful is encouraged to discuss this with the professor as soon as possible.