Math 496, Spring 2007

Senior Project


Course description: This course will revolve around a year-long project of your choosing, in coordination with a faculty advisor. The main focuses of the course and time spent in class will be on how to read, write, and present mathematics.

The course will run over two semesters, with your tasks being as follows.

  • Fall: Gather a large body of information on your chosen subject.
  • Spring: Distill that large body into a coherent and thorough report and presentation.

    Instructor: Barry Balof

    Office: 236 Olin Hall

    Location: 247 Olin Hall Time (tentative): Wednesdays, 9 AM

    Textbook: No required text for the course.

    Time Expectations: Students are expected to spend approximately two to three hours per week on the writing portion of the project. This is in addition to any time spent doing any new research. Class time will be spent largely discussing writing procedures and peer reviewing your work.

    Progress Reports: Each week, you are expected to make progress towards the final project report. This progress includes writing new sections of material as well as reviewing former submissions. The final project report will be due Friday, April 27.

    Oral Presentations: Your final 40 minute presentation will be sometime during the last two weeks of class. Details will be discussed after spring break.

    Tentative Schedule of Student Presentations: Every Three Weeks beginning September 18.

    Computer Resources: Students are expected to use LaTEX for their work. This program is available in the Mathematics Lab, as well as in various free sites on the internet. In addition, students will be learning the Beamer LaTEX package for oral presentations. More details will be presented in class.

    Grading: Grades will be assigned on a rougly 90-80-70 scale, with grades weighted as follows.
    Final Written Report 50 %
    Final Oral Presentation 30 %
    Class Participation  10 %
    Faculty Resource Report 10 %

    Special Needs: Any student with a disability for whom special accommodations would be helpful is encouraged to discuss this with the professor as soon as possible.

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