Pictures of the Experiment



The light collection optics in the Grangier experiment, with paths of the pump laser (blue) and downconversion (red) beams shown.  The light is collected by lenses and focused into optical fibers which deliver the light to the photon counting modules.



The light collection system.  Light is collected by a lens (at right) and focused onto an optical fiber (orange cable).  Fiber takes light to an assembly that holds one or more optical filters (left of center).  Another fiber (black cable) transports light to the single photon counting module (SPCM).  The SPCM outputs a 5V electrical pulse for each detected photon.



The entire experiment fits on a 3x5 optical table with plenty of room to spare.  This picture includes the interferometer.



View of the experiment looking from the downconversion crystal toward the light collection optics.




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