The programs were built using National Instruments LabView.In order to run, the proper version of the LabView Run Time Engine must be installed first (Version: LabView 2009 SP1). Once this is installed, you can install and run the executable versions of the programs.

Installing the LabView Run Time Engine:

         Download the disc image to your hard drive.

         Double click on the file LabVIEW2009SP1RuntimeEngine.dmg, and the disc image will appear on your desktop.If the image doesnít automatically open, double click on it to open the folder.

         Double click on LabVIEWRuntimeEngine2009.mpkg to install the Run Time Engine.

         Click Continue to begin

         Click Continue to continue

         Click Agree to accept the license agreement

         Select the volume you wish to install the Run Time engine on, then click Continue

         Click Install to install

         Click Close to finish the installation

Installing the Programs:

         Download this file to your hard drive.

         Double click on to unzip the file.

         Copy the folder QM_Simulations_mac, which contains the executable files, wherever you want them to live.

Running the programs:

Double clicking on the files in the folder QM_Simulations_mac will run the programs, or open the Userís Manual.

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