Dressing a Pig

This is an 80 pound pig being prepared. It was seasoned with rosemary, garlic, onions and cheap red wine (see inset). The pig (Kyle) cooked for 12 hrs buried in a pit, and turned out quite tasty.

Deep Fried Turkey

Turkey in the pot

Here's a 13 pound turkey cooking in a mixture of shortening and peanut oil at 350 degrees F.

Hard at work

Here's Fred and Mark slaving over a hot burner.

All done

Here's the finished product. A little overcooked after 50 minutes in the pot, 40-45 minutes would have been optimal.

Pulled Pork

pork butts

Two 5 pound pork butts on the grill--cooked for 5 hours with indirect heat from an applewood fire. Add some BBQ sauce (vinegar, sugar and red pepper) and a hamburger bun and you've got the best pulled pork sandwich you can find.