pavel blagov, phd, licensed psychologist

Welcome to my website.

I am a licensed psychologist (in the state of Washington) with a small private practice in Walla Walla. I am also a tenured associate professor of psychology at Whitman College (my psychology private practice is not associated with the college).

My practice focuses on comprehensive psychological assessment, aslo known as "testing," of individuals ages 16 and older. In particular, I provide assessment of cognitive and emotional difficulties that may result from medical illnesses or psychological conditions. I also provide diagnostic evaluations that may not involve testing.

When I accept psychotherapy patients (adults only), I practice evidence-based psychotherapy. I treat adjustment problems, mood and anxiety disorders, and difficulties with self-esteem, identity, and relationships. I integrate cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic-interpersonal approaches with emphasis on personal enrichment through insight, problem solving, and emotion regulation. I have some experience in issues of masculinity, cultural diversity, sexual orientation, and chronic physical or mental illness.

I have added experience and training in personality diagnosis and, to some extent, in the assessment and treatment of military trauma.

Meetings takes place by appointment only, and scheduling takes place by phone.