Iceland and Greenland, July-August 2002


East Greenland
Snowfield in cirque, icebergs, sea ice, Kulusuk
Arrival by helicopter at Tasiilaq
Girls with pups
Summit of Qaqqartivakujik on Ammassalik Island
Going ashore from boat to Apusiaajik Glacier
Group on glacier
Humpback whale tail, icebergs in Ammassalik Fjord

Mid-Atlantic rift
Redwing at Myvatn
Group at explosion crater
Viti explostion crater at Krafla caldera
Alice on frost hummocks at Krafla caldera
Jack in fumarole from Krafla's basaltic eruption
Hinrik at Hrossaborg tuff ring
Michelle on pumice and scoria from 1875 eruption at Askja caldera
Viti, our warm swimming hole at Krafla caldera
Bob and Andy at glacier
Bridge over Jokulsa a Fjollum, path of Vatnajokull's glacier outburst floods
Andy asleep on pillow basalt (kverkfjoll)
Examining crevass and moulin on Vatnajokull, "Europe's biggest glacier"
Flowers (near Skalafellsjokull)
Whitties on Laki
Clare at waterfall into great 935 A.D. Eldgja fissure
Van crossing river
Fumaroles from young rhyolite flows at Landmannalaugar (Blahnukur in background)
Michelle, Alice and Alex

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