In the summer of 2007 Bob Carson, Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies, will be leading a trip through the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and Arctic Ocean. It will include 9 stops in the Norwegian fjords and the Svalbard archipelago. The voyage is a round trip from Harwich, England starting 7/7/07 on the ship M V Discovery, with stops at 6 ports from southwestern to northernmost mainland Norway, and 3 sites on Spitsbergen, getting to within 11 of the North Pole. The main attractions will be scenery, culture, relaxation, biology, and geology. Look for glaciers, sea ice, icebergs, and permafrost; wildflowers; caribou and Arctic fox; birds and more birds; walruses, whales, and more marine mammals; and hopefully, lots of polar bears. Prices for the 17-day trip start at $3120 per person and include airfare from the US (including Seattle and Portland) and a two-night package in London (with sightseeing on 6 July and breakfast daily). Airline, port, and government taxes are additional and total $612 per person.

Please contact Margaret Hoglund ( if interested. She will forward information to Johnna ( and Paul ( at Worldwide Travel in Walla Walla, a preferred agent for Discovery World Cruises. The trip is open to alumni, students, parents, and friends of the College.


Here is the advertisement from Discovery World Cruises: For a summer cruise with a difference, few will match the scope and splendor of this adventure. Discovery links a variety of highlights right along the coast of Norway as she plays hopscotch amid islands and inlets, coves and giant fjords left behind by the ice age. Beyond the North Cape where nightfall at this time of year is all but unknown, you'll sail for Spitsbergen, largest island of the Arctic Svalbard archipelago. Only the warmth of the Gulf Stream keeps its west coast open for sea traffic during the summer season, the chance for us to experience the remote natural beauty of this isolated spot, home to polar bears, walrus colonies, reindeer, Arctic foxes and all manner of bird life. For those interested in 3 or 4 in a room, the price for the 17-day package is $1975 extra per person (plus $612 airline, port, and government taxes per person). Bob and Clare were on Discovery for a round trip to the Antarctic Peninsula from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Discovery World Cruises is a very education-oriented company; on the Antarctic cruise experts lectured on history, glaciers, birds, and marine mammals. Learn about the ship Discovery at:

We will have 3 stops on Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard Archipelago. One stop is at Longyearbyen, advertised as the northernmost town on Earth at more than 78 north latitude. Learn about Svalbard at:

There will not be much time ashore, but Discovery is spacious, and we will be very close to shore on 7 days. For example, we will cruise in the world's second largest fjord: Sognefjorden is 126 miles long, averages 3 miles wide, and has a maximum depth of 4291 feet. Learn about this fjord:


The entire Arctic and its ecosystems are threatened by global climate change. There is less sea ice every year. Avian flu is likely to reduce bird populations worldwide, including some of the 130 species at Svalbard. Petroleum has been discovered under the continental shelf around Svalbard; production will follow exploration. Come see Spitsbergen before it changes.


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