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Aristotle & Virtue Ethics

  • Perseus Digital Library: Nicomachean Ethics
    A complete on-line version of the text, with hyperlinks and some supporting materials (not to mention the original Greek!). Very useful if you're looking for the location(s) of a particular term - but note that this is a different translation than our book.

  • Table of Virtues and Vices
    Just like it says: a chart listing the virtues that Aristotle discusses, along with the corresponding vices.

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Aristotle's Ethics
    A clear summary of Aristotle's views, with sections on most of the topics that we cover. A table of contents at the top of the page lets you jump to a particular section if you'd like.

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Virtue Ethics
    A very helpful discussion of virtue ethics more generally, considering its historical bases (in Aristotle and others), some present versions, and possible future directions.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Moral Character
    An overview of philosophical approaches to the notion of character, which is at the heart of any virtue-based approach to ethics. The discussion includes brief presentations of some ancient and modern alternatives to Aristotle's views, as well as contemporary questions about that notion.

Kant & Deontology

  • Immanuel Kant: Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals
    A complete on-line version of the text. Very useful if you're looking for the location(s) of a particular term - but note that this is a different translation than our book.

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Kant's Moral Philosophy
    A general explanation of Kant's views on ethics, including some of the key issues from our readings from the Grounding. (But note that this page also draws from Kant's other writings on ethics.)

  • Kant's Grounding - A Brief Summary
    A very clear and accessible summary of the first 2 sections of the Grounding, written by a very well-respected philosopher. As the name says, though, it's brief - so there's not much detail or analysis. A good starting point.

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - "Original Position" and "Distributive Justice"
    Although these entries aren't about Rawls and Nozick exclusively, they are directly relevant to our class. The entry on the "original position" discusses our reading from Rawls. The entry on "distributive justice" explains and examines Rawls's and Nozick's views in relation to each other and other alternatives.


Ethics of Care

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