Metaphysics Links


Here are three pages maintained by a professor at NYU that should be very helpful to students new to philosophy:

Philosophical Dictionary - Brief explanations of many philosophical terms and concepts.

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind - Brief explanations of philosophical terms and concepts related to the mind.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Moderate-length articles, written by professionals, introducing assorted philosophical views, issues, and concepts. Not all of the planned entries have been completed yet, but there's still a lot here that's useful. Some of the relevant entries include:

Personal Identity:
The Self:
Free Will:

Determinism and Freedom Philosophy Website - Links to a large number of important historical and contemporary writings on a wide variety of issues related to determinism and freedom.

Flickers of Freedom - An on-line discussion board / weblog (mostly) about issues relating to free will and agency, with contributions from a number of important contemporary philosophers.

In case you're curious, here are the home pages of (or other pages about) the authors we read:

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