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xkcd and internet radio; here for the Onion ; the New York Times; and The Daily Beast and Huffington.
speed test from or from and then recipes at America's Test Kitchen
and here for Facebook and LinkedIn; here for gmail; & YouTube; check web page content at Web Page Test
Wikipedia English and Spanish; Wikinews; also Wikimedia commons; here for Scholarpedia;
BBC news; and here for Al Jazeera English; Yahoo! finance; for charities, CharityNavigator and Guidestar

National Geographic News and NG's Photo of the Day and the Botany and Earth Sci photos of the day ; EOS news
watch also Digital Universe; see also . and Today@NASA; and Science@NASA;and ESA news; Astro in the news from AAS.
Astrobites posts recent lit synopses.;Quanta physics; The World at Night
WolframAlpha; use Safari not Chrome for ArcGIS explorer online.

observatories, academic departments
organizations (AAS, NASA etc; astro companies)
data bases, searching (e.g., NASA ast abst service, SIMBAD)
class (lab help; e.g., CLEA)
sci history (inc. space flight)
weather, road conditions, forest service, etc
Earth--atmosphere (inc. aurorae)
solar (inc. sol-terr)
galactic, HEA, cosmology
physics & chemistry
math & units conversions
bio / natural history ("EnvS")
gender & sci
other history / info
catalogs (REI, Amazon, wineries, etc)
gov, current events, newspapers, html info, etc.



observatories, academic departments

Mount Wilson Observatory;
National Solar Observatory Sacramento Peak and Kitt Peak
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Space Telescope Science Institute;; Hubble's outreach page
Best of theAdvanced Obs Program of NOAO.
Japanese Institute of Space and Astronautical Science JAXA (Hayausa, Astro-E2, etc.; missions are under "Our Enterprises")
European Space Agency space science
Lowell Observatory
SOHO - The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory;
YOHKOH Public Outreach Project;
radio jove project
Sloan digital Sky Survey
Anglo-Australian obs
The Digitized Sky Survey;
Nat'l Air & Space Museum and their Center for Earth & Planetary Studies
UWisc H-alpha mapper ,
NRAO homepage;
Jodrell Bank Observatory;
LIGO homepage
CERN homepage; see esp.their Education page.
Astrogeology at USGS;
STScI resources / portal
U.W. astronomy and earth & space sci
Univ BC astrophys
Royal Obs Greenwich;
useful links at Educational Observatory;
Transit search amateur net and AAVSO;
North Am. Astr. occultation program (IOTA)
Int'l Dark Sky Association
Windows to the Universe from UCAR

organizations (AAS, NASA etc; astro companies)

NSF and the FASTLANE grant proposal guide; and for feb 07 the S-STEM description.
Sigma Xi; and here the Washington Space Grant Consortium
DOE Office of Sci & Tech Info
American Astronomical Society;
Solar Physics Div;
American Geophysical Union;
Astronomical Society of the Pacific;
Here for the IAU;
Here the RAS Canada
American Institute of Physics;
American Physical Society; especially their statistics page
Soc. of Physics Students from UK Inst Phys

SBIG; Apogee (also CCDs); and also Finger Lake Instruments camera page.


Astronomy Education Review
SKY Online;; S&T digital and change the url date
Science News Online; dobsonak, marcus
ScienceOnline - dobsonak marcus; and see their netwatch archive; and their Books et al. review site
go to Sigma Xi to remember how to log on to Am Sci online.
Physics Today (registered 6/14/01; re-registered 10/22/04) uses email address marcus
APS PhysicsCentral various articles.
Net Advance of Physics links to articles, inc. astro. (from MIT).
IoP (now CRC press) ency of astr and astrop (these don't seem to get updated regularly, so many are several years old)

data bases, searching (e.g., NASA ast abst service, SIMBAD)

Webcrawler links to all gov sci orgs.
arXiv e-Print archive
--> NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Abstract Service <--
Son of Citation Machine citation generator
Astronomical Almanac from US Naval Observatory
web of knowledge
internet public library from Univ of Michigan
General Catalog of Photometric Data; (Univ of Lausanne)
SIMBAD home page; CDS (Strasbourg; inc simbad)
Nat'l Space Sci Data Center NASA archives
IPEDS secondary educ data

class (lab help; e.g., CLEA; gen ref; e.g., APOD)

Nebraska Astronomy Applets, incl. atm retention, from UN-Lincoln
Virtual Radio Interferometer from CSIRO
At GSFC, Star Child for younger students and Imagine the Universe for high school & up; also Imagine Science level 1 and level 2 and especially spectra
Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide
Phys Educ Tech from U. Colorado -- good simulations
HR diagram evolution of a cluster. (others in the set include good spectra examples; needs java; don't use chrome)
Shadow & Substance, w/ eclipse and comet animations
a black hole game at HST
Galaxy Crash java applet page from CWRU
comPADRE center for astronomy education
Univ of Oregon physics applets; physics ed at Contemp Phys Educ Project, inc. fundamental particle charts.
JPL space simulator
Exploratorium; the Pacific Sci Center; the OMSI
Franklin Inst
National Center for Sci Ed. ; good source of sci toys at Arbor Scientific; and Educational Innovations:
Zombeck Handbook of Space Astronomy & Astrophysics;
dig lib earth system edu
Astronomy Net astroguide
HEASARC's webstars
ASP / Andy Fraknoi's educ resources; several good sub-pages here.
Earth & Sky;
Rob Gendler's astro ccd images
AstroCappella (not. . .)
Sing about science and math
physics songs

sci history (inc. space flight)

UNESCO astronomy & world heritage initiative. astro related world heritage sites.
Nat'l Air & Space Museum; their Apollo 11 AV page.
NASA astronaut images and movies of Earth; from Johnson Space Center
'Moon base Clavius' site debunking the no moon landing conspiracists.
NOVA notes on Galileo's Battle for the Heavens and from Univ Missouri KC law school "Famous Trials", the Trial of Galileo and the Galileo Project at Rice
Wolfgang Dick's IUA Histr of Astr site
The Center for Archaeoastronomy anti-nonsense site by John Carlson of Univ Maryland
Physics history by Jeff Biggus in Boulder;
RussianSpaceWeb--Soviet / Russian space history.
AIP history of physics home page; from the AIP, a site on Marie Curie and one on cosmology
Einstein manuscripts
Kennedy Space Center's Historical Archive, incl. a page on human spaceflight
NASA History Division and their Apollo 11 35th anniversary page.
NASA chronology of lunar and planetary exploration
NASA human space flight page.
The History of Science Society; check this one
USGS photo lib archive
Atomic Archive (commercial site)
the Newton Project from Sussex.
SunEarthDay from NASA has several ancient astro sites.

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy (which has a moon hoax page)


Spot the ISS
Julian Date converter
STScI Digitized Sky Survey image request form
Your Sky finding charts for stars by name
Latitude at Rice
Sky View Cafe -- needs java, not on chrome.
Sky Query prototype virtual observatory. investigate further.
And this one: applets for computing phases, daylight, etc.
Kaler's stars and constellations

weather, road conditions, forest service, etc

Forest Service and their fire info page.
and specifically, Wallowa-Whitman, Umatilla, Mt.B - Snoq., Okanogan - Wenatchee forests.
InciWeb fire info; also NW large fire info from NW interagency coord center.
Here for WA dept of ecology air quality monitoring; here for smoke. Canadian fires may be found here
UIUC weather; and the Walla Walla Clear Sky chart is here and for PNRO look here.
GOES and three lightning sites, Environment Canada and also Intellicast; and Real Time lightning map
Weather underground; their Walla Walla forecast; and our PNRO weather station
Real-time Weather UCAR
National Doppler Radar sites; and for wind, GOES global from MSFC.
NWS WW weather (KALW) or their zone forcast
NWS Seattle Forecast Office
for a near-real time wind map, try here for US or here for globe.
WA Zone Forecasts from UW
maps at BING; google maps;
WSDOT Home Page, including Seattle traffic cams, State ferries, Pass reports
the Alaska state marine highway system; and the BC Ferries home page
OR DOT Home Page and their TripCheck page w/ road cams
Oregon Weather & Road Conditions at
Idaho DOT Home Page; Wyoming DOT; Colorado travel info
Montana DOT Traveler Info; Utah DOT; NM DOT; Arizona DOT
Miscellaneous info inc Weather and Road Conditions from Casc Volc Obs.; for "find a forecast", pdt=Pendleton pdx (Portland) sea geg(Spokane) boi slc phx abq bos ord (Chicago)
NIST Time (java); the Navy Directorate of Time
USNO data services, e.g., moon phases

Earth--atmosphere (inc. aurorae)

AMS fireball reports
Snowball Earth
NOAA's Climate Time Line; up a couple from NOAA's main paleoclimate page;
and NOAA / Nat'l Climatic Data Center's extreme weather site.
NCAR's climate visualization gallery.
From Ken Libbrecht, snowcrystals.
Links from US Global Change Research Program;
from Norway, Northern Lights;
and Polar Image from Finland has aurorae and other stuff
World View of global warming. . .images by chap from Oregon.
Ill. State Museum's online exhibit on the ice ages
Weather photog site; also for clouds, try the Cloud Appreciation Society and their gallery.
from LPI, there's also Shuttle views of Clouds from Space

NASA's Earth Observing System
Earth Exploration Toolbook from Carleton.
GeoGallery minerals, meteorites, etc., at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


USGS National Map site
EarthObservatory Blue Marble 2002 earth images
This Dynamic Earth USGS on plate tectonics; also This Dynamic Planet high-res map with ring of fire, etc.
digital earth at Cornell
ImageBank of Am. Geol. Institute.
geo image archive from Univ of Pittsburg
Geology in the national parks, a USGS site; includes a rocks and minerals page.
Paleomap project pangea animations
Global Plate reconstructions by Ron Blakey at NAU
EarthRef from Scripps Inst
John Butler's Virtual Geosci. prof;
Atlas of rocks, minerals, textures at U. N Carolina.
USGS magnetic field maps; also NOAA mag decl estimator.
USGS earthquake hazard program; Nat'l Earthquake info center; recent quakes world map
Volcano World from Oregon State.
Cascade Vol. Obs. and their volcano cams from USGS.
Hawaiian Vol. Obs;
Here for Shuttle Radar Topography Mission imagery.
Terrafly has USGS virtual flights.
On the Antarctic: Sci Com on Antarctic Research; the USGS Antarctic Resource Center; the British Antarctic Survey
EarthCam .com lots of WebCams;
Earth from Space shuttle photos at JSC.
Earth Impact database is on this page at Univ New Brunswick

Jules Verne maps etc (geo +planetary)

planetary; Exoplanet database and plots from Europe.; and here for NASA.
Lunar picture of the day and amazing zoom-able full-Moon views of far and near sides from the Lunar Recon Orb; see also LROC image gallery.
Meteor Impact mechanics site
Digital Lunar Orbiter atlas at LPI; Kaguya lunar image gallery (not avail. 8-29-13).
USGS clickable maps of rocky obj.
NASA science missions, and specifically NASA solar system exploration.
JPL news; and Cassini mission
Themis (Mars Odyssey) home page at ASU; Mars meteorite info (JPL)
Mars Quest (fly-overs require shockwave); google's Mars maps
The Nine Planets now lives here
Minor Planet Center
PDS (planetary data sys) and their Welcome to the Planets page; also at JPL, Planetary photojournal
S-L-9 NASA/GSFC page
nssdc general planet info page and their nsscd's planet fact sheets. like where's the pole point, etc.
Mars Atlas home page
PDS Imaging Node - Homepage and planetary image atlas search page;
Nat'l Air & Space Museum Regional Planetary Image Facility;
Antarctic meteorite expedtion
From Ames Research Center, NEA impact site; JPL NEO program.
NEO Dynamic Site at Univ of Pisa
impact effect calculator
Try the Am Meteor Soc including their showers page
Astrogeology at USGS; their planetary nomenclature site.

solar (inc. sol-terr)

heliophysics graphics from GSFC
Fred Espenak's eclipse photography page.
Big Bear latest solar images.
solar phys at Marshall SFC and their satellite flybys page.
TRACE image archive at Stanford.
GSFC Cosmicopia cosmic ray / solar / spaceweather
Solar images at SDAC;
Here for latest SOHO and soho hotshots (inc April 10, 2001 cme); Data Query for SOHO.
SDO atm imaging assembly sun today site.; and main Solar Dyn Obs site
Heliophysics at UCAR
GOES solar x-ray imager and the main page for space weather prediction center.
TRY GSFC eclipse page
NASA Sun-Earth viewer at Berkeley; requires flash6.
Alvestad solar-terr act report
Helioseismology tours from Stanford Solar Center
Lowell; Jeff Hall, now director, has solar analogs workshop links.


binary star simulation from Cornell and eclipsing binary applet.
SDSS white dwarf database
from UK, the European Pulsar Network;
Information Bulletin on Variable Stars;
Revised Catalog of MK spectral types for cooler stars;
Microvar & Osc of Stars Canadian satellite

Multiwavelength museum from IPAC.
SkyFactory very cool Palomar sky survey reconstructions
Scale sketches from solar system out beyond local supercluster; "atlas of the universe"

galactic, HEA, cosmology

Disk & Bulge Mosaic new spring 2012. very hi-res.
Laniakea video on this page
Java galaxy crash at CWRU.
NRAO surveys page, including neutral hydrogen survey
supernova risk calculation site.
SEDS Messier object database and SEDS NGC object database
A Galactic Globular Cluster database
NASA Extragalactic Database (NED);
Bill Keel's (U of Alabama) gallery of Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei
WMAP site.
supernova cosmology project or the High-z supernova search
Max Tegmark's home page. . .see movies of changing CMB power spectrum
Wayne Hu's home page; see esp his intermediate pages
Cosmic Variance and Sean Carroll's homepage; see esp his cosmology primer
Of Particular Significance Matt Strassler on particle phys etc.
Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial homepage and Cosmology calculator
CASTLES gravitational lens survey page
HST grav lens image creator
the 2dF galaxy redshift survey
UWisc H-alpha mapper ,
Multi-wavelength MW at GSFC. and large-scale at Chromoscope
Here for "a cheeky tutorial on string theory"
Violence in the Cosmos from Mike Guidry at UT Knoxville; also his intro astro lecture notes.

Contemp Phys Educ Proj, which includes LOTS of nifty charts and posters.


physics & chemistry

particle data group
Living Reviews in Relativity from Max Planck.
water phase diagram
Einstein online from Max Planck Inst.
Gen Rel tutorial by John Baez at UCRiverside
Andrew Hamilton's homepage has useful animations for relativty, color, and FFT stuff
Phys Educ simulations from Colorado
HyperPhysics at Georgia State.
spectral stds at KPNO
Brookhaven's NuDat interactive chart of nuclei.; periodic tables with origins of the elements at Cosmic-Origins;
at U of O, an applet showing spectra by element.
"a brief illumination of relativity" from the Univ New South Wales physics folks.
partial Grotrian diagrams from Moore et al., at ned; energy levels, etc. from NIST; also partition fcns & configurations.
nuclear glossary from LBNL
High energy phys at Argonne;
Sanford Underground Lab at Homestake; LUX dark matter detector.
Interactions, a particle physics news and resources page
Hands-on-CERN particle physics, collisions, etc.; see also antimatter general cern page
the Neutrino Oscillation industry;
physics of music from New South Wales;
Rayleigh scattering
articles about entropy
optical illusions
"Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics";
Visual QM from Kansas State.
Physics World news, jobs, etc.
gen chem virtual textbook Stephen Lower of Simon Fraser
Chemistry of how things work.
Info on indiv elements from American Elements .com
Physics of Baseball by a chap at Univ Illinois.
optical illusions by Michael Bach.
Optics Simulation from BU / Davidson.
Falstad's math and physics applets
diffraction slits
Physlets applets from Davidson

math & units conversions

Yahoo finance currency conversions
java Euclid from Clark univ.
chaosbook from Georgia Tech
Powers of 10 at FSU; try also The scale of the universe 2, an interactive.
Wolfram web resources (e.g., mathworld)
Chaos textbook. . .slow movies.
chaos art
Wavelet tutorial
R-project statistics
math archives
ColorBrewer for map coloring. .. investigate further.
Sci Tech Info Exchange technical fonts.
units conversion (lots of cookies).
NIST stats handbook
Atlas of cyberspace; maintained thru 2004
ethnomath digital lib

bio / natural history ("EnvS")

Solcomhouse solar power.
Institute for Creation Research; the Creation Resource Foundation; and the Creation Science Home Page
The Berkeley UC Museum of Paleontology: evolution / history;
Talk Origins archive / part of "paleo ring".
Paleo portal at UC Museum of Paleontology
Primate eskeletons
Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter;
CalPhotos from Berkeley
Missouric botanical Garden angiosperm phylogeny site.
Global Biodiversity Info has browse, search, links to lots of taxonomy.
NOAA's vents site.
ARKive images of endangered species.
USDA plant database.
Dino directory from Natural Hist Museum,London;
Virginia Tech tree id;
Cycad pages.
Texas A&M Cave biology
Am Museum Nat Hist
Oregon Coast Aquarium
Mont Bay Aquarium
Scripps et al. SeamountsOnline; also Seamount catalog at
from NOAA, Ocean Explorer
From the Natural History Museum in London, the echinoid on-line guide
And on copepods, Smithsonian's world of.
Duke's "Medicine & Madison Ave"

gender & sci

Contributions of Women to Physics site at UCLA (re: Out of the Shadows)
CWRU diversity report in sciences
Women in Biology;
Virginia Tech Science ethics site
4000 y of women in science;
the Ada project bibliography;
Women's Intellectual contributions to the study of mind and society.
Feminism and Women's Resources FIND THIS AGAIN
AAS Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy;
APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics;
Early Women at the USNO;
ASP women in astronomy
STScI 1992 Women in Astronomy meeting
Women, Gender and Science links
Women-Related Web Sites in Science/Technology -- Korenman;
Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering -- Spertus;
Association for Women in Science;
Barry women astronomers page;
women in sci and eng archives at Iowa State
Committee on Women in sci, eng, & med of the National Academies

other history / info

UPenn origins of wine on-line exhibit
Britannica online good bloody luck with Penrose.
the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosphy
PhilSci archive
UT Austin Classics
Fordham U. Internet history sourcebooks.
Theban mapping project.
A digital library of cuneiform .
Greek & Roman Science & Technology, Univ Swansea, Wales
European Prehistoric Art
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
Dada postmodernist essay generator.


Near Eastern Studies;
Modification times;

catalogs (REI, Amazon, wineries, etc)

Consumer Price Index from the dept of labor car info;
Public Radio Market;
WW Valley wineries; WA wine commission;
Reininger; Ash Hollow
Delta Airlines; Alaska Airlines;
American Airlines; US Airways; United Airlines;
Travelocity and Expedia
Best Western; and Comfort Inn & other "Choice"
AAA Washington

gov, current events, newspapers, html info, etc.

Walla Walla County
City of Walla Walla
Anywho and Switchboard online phone directories (with lots of ads and cookies)
Telephone Directories on the Web;
comparison list of colleges
U. W.
League of Women Voters; and also the Progressive voters' guide
Washington legislative info;
ABC News;
SF Chronicle; Chicago Tribune