Patrick Frierson

What I'm up to these days...

This Fall, I'm teaching a course on Modern European Philosophy, another on The Philosophy of Science, and another on the philosophy of Christine Korsgaard I'm leading several independent studies on topics such as a survey of nineteenth century philosophy, an exploration of whether Kant and Peter Singer can be integrated into a single coherent ethical theory, an attempt to make sense of Kierkegaard's Concept of Anxiety, and an absurdist critique of contemporary analytical environmental ethics. I'll also be directing honors theses on various topics.

My research in progress includes work on Kant and contemporary psychology, a project laying out a new reading of Descartes's ethics, a series of papers on Adam Smith and Environmental Ethics, and -- most importantly -- work on a new book to be published with Bloomsbury, entitled Intellectual Agency and Virtue Epistemology: A Montessori Perspective, which focuses on developing a virtue epistemology based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori.

"The greatest concern of the human being is to know how to properly fulfill his station in creation and to rightly understand what one must do in order to be a human being." (Immanuel Kant, from a set of handwritten notes written in 1764 in his personal< copy of Observations on the Beautiful and Sublime, Ak. 20:41 )