Patrick Frierson

What I'm up to these days...

This Fall (2019), I am teaching two courses: Environmental Ethics and Modern European Philosophy. In the Spring (2020), I plan to teach an introductory course on the Philosophy of Education, another course in the Philosophy of Science (for which you can see my old syllabus here), and a new seminar on Moral Emotions. Meanwhile, I continue to work on Maria Montessori, Immanuel Kant, and other historic philosophers. My new book on Montessori, Intellectual Agency and Virtue Epistemology: A Montessori Perspective, should come out at the end of the year.

"The greatest concern of the human being is to know how to properly fulfill his station in creation and to rightly understand what one must do in order to be a human being." (Immanuel Kant, from a set of handwritten notes written in 1764 in his personal< copy of Observations on the Beautiful and Sublime, Ak. 20:41 )