Psychology 348: Sensation and Perception

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Spring Semester 2002 Class Syllabus


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Psychology 348 Links
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  • Whitman Academic Resource Center.

  • Websurfers click here to send me a relevant link, or to report a dead link.

    General sensation / perception:

  • Seeing hearing and smelling. A very nice looking multi-sensory page.

  • Neuroscience. Not perception, but still relevant.

  • Some neat stuff about Synaesthesia.


  • Physiology of The Eye.

  • The Joy of Visual Perception. A web book.

  • A neurological eye simulator. Actually, not all that relevant... But still cool.

  • The blind spot and top-down processing.

  • Retinal Prosthetics. The future is here!

  • More on artificial vision.

    Perception of depth and movement:

  • Biological Motion.

  • Motion Perception Demonstrations.

  • Magic eye stereograms. Even make your own!

    Color vision:

  • Color matters. Definitely worth a click.

  • Examples of Pseudo-Isochromatic plates for testing color vision.

  • A very interesting color demonstration.

  • Lotsa information on colorblindness.


  • The Soundry. All about hearing.

  • A page about Auditory Perception.

  • Information about Cochlear implants.


  • Pain relief.


  • A wine tasting glossary.

  • Tasting beer. Finally, something useful!


  • A basic olfaction summary.

  • 10 smelly myths.

  • The vomeronasal organ.

  • Human Pheromones?

  • Anosmia. A disorder you may never have heard of.

    Perceptual Illusions:

  • Many fun illusions.

  • An animated Necker cube. Apparently from another guy who likes dogs.

  • More illusions at The Exploratorium.

  • Sandlot science has illusions too.

  • Even more at grand Illusions.

  • Some auditory illusions.

  • The world of Escher.