Videos about Integration Technique

7.1: Integration by Parts (IBP)

This following table connects the videos found in the Khan Academy website to the Stewart Calculus text, Chapter 7.1.

Khan Academy Link, Videos that relate to Section 7.1

Khan Academy Time Stewart Calculus Ch 7.1
Derive IBP Formula 3:51 First part, p. 464
IBP Example 1 3:51 Example 1: Basic in Stewart
IBP Example 2: Special case with one function 3:49 Example 2 in Stewart
IBP Example 3: Doing IBP multiple times 6:45 Example 3 in Stewart
IBP Example 4 7:16 Example 4 in Stewart
No video Example 5 in Stewart (inverse tangent)
No video Example 6: Reduction formula for powers of sine.

What's missing from both: Integration by parts using a table. We'll do this in class.

7.2: Trigonometric Integrals

Videos relevant to Stewart, 7.2

Khan Academy Time Stewart Calculus Ch 7.2
Example 1: Cube of cosine 6:06 Example 1: Same
Example 2: sine squared, cosine cubed 4:32 Example 2: sine to the fifth, cosine squared
Example 3: sine to the fourth 5:32 Example 3, 4 in Stewart
No video Ex 5-8: Integrate tan(x) and sec(x)
No video Integrate sin(nx)cos(mx)

7.3: Trigonometric Substitution

Khan Academy- Trig Substitution

All three main videos are all the same form: a^2-x^2. We'll do examples of the other forms in class.

7.4: Partial Fraction Decomposition

Videos on Partial Fractions (Khan Academy). Not very much here!
Khan Academy Time Stewart Calculus Ch 7.4
Example 1 8:51 Example 1: Similar (inc long division)
Example 2: Long division 5:17
More useful examples here:

7.8: Improper Integrals