Operations Research (Math/CS 339)
Spring 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all courses at Whitman College have gone online as of March 30th. Therefore, some changes to the course are necessary. I will keep this page updated for course content, course video links and homework.

Looking for the old page? It's here.

Course Links

Schedule (post Spring Break)

You should try all homework problems, but only turn in the solutions for those marked with an asterisk. For each section, you'll find videos describing what is in those sections, and after each video, there is a written summary from that video (in case you want to recall what is on those videos). Following videos and notes, in each section below is a listing of the homework and when it is due. Of course, if you ever have any questions, please send me an email.

Exam Materials

How Will I Upload Materials to Canvas?

There are several apps for cell phones to convert images of your work to PDF, which you can then upload to Canvas. Below, Prof. Schueller demonstrates one such app, Adobe Scan. Unfortunately, you will be asked to set up an account, but otherwise it seems like a good app (if you want to use other apps, that's fine, too- but please upload files as PDF).