Notes about running the n-armed bandit program

This is an exercise to get you accustomed to running Matlab.
  1. First, download the files "banditE.m" and "driverBanditE.m" from our class website. Be sure to right-click the mouse on the link and choose "Save Link As..." Then navigate to the folder that you're using for this- It doesn't matter which folder you use, just be consistent (the command window should show that you're in the same directory- If you're not there, navigate using the "..." button at the top of the window next to the "Current Directory" button.
  2. Once you've downloaded the files, you should open the editor to take a look at the commands that will be executed. The files should be identical to pages 33-34 of the text.
  3. Run the driver program by typing (in the command window):


    Notice that you should not type the ".m" part of the filename.
  4. That's it! Running that should create the picture. Try changing some of the parameters in driverBanditE.m to see what happens!