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I had known several people who brewed their own beer before, but never really pictured myself doing it, at least not while I was living in a small apartment. In 2003, a birthday gift from my wife Abby changed all that. The first batches turned out well, and I have been brewing regularly ever since. Since the beginning, I've explored a variety of styles, and even a bit of soda making. Currently, I brew primarily all-grain ale recipes in 5 gallon batches.

Shortly after brewing the first few batches, I got involved with ACEs, the Association of Craftbrew Enthusiasts. ACEs grew out of group of brewers who met at homebrew appreciation nights at Beer, Beer, and More Beer (now known as MoreBeer) in Riverside, and who wanted to get together and share their collective brews at the 2003 Southern California Homebrewers Festival in Temecula. The opportunity to share advice and sample others beers really helped improve my brewing. As far as I know, the group still meets occasionally to share their creations, which cover the whole range of traditional ales from pale to stout and barleywine, and some less traditional brews such as fruit, herb, and chocolate ales, with lagers and meads thrown in for good measure.

Since the start, my brewing setup has been kept relatively simple. I brewed malt extract-based ale recipes for a while, then converted to all grain brewing in 2004. The location, the weather, and the local brew shop has changed over several moves since my start in California, but I still brew mostly all-grain batches, and traditional pale ales and stouts remain my favorite styles to make.

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  • Orange Blossom Root Beer

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  • American Brown Ale

  • Birch Beer

  • Classic Root Beer

  • Oatmeal Stout v0.1

  • B3 Stout

  • Totally Toasted IPA

  • Thanksgiving Ale

  • Spiced Holiday Ale

  • Honey Pale Ale

  • German Altbier
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