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Thomas A. Knight, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Biology Department
Whitman College

EMAIL or Phone: 509.524.2010

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Biology Department


Ph.D. Neurobiology and Behavior, University of Washington (2005)

  • M.S. Biology, Eastern Michigan University
  • B.S. Biology, Alma College

I am a systems-level neuroscientist interested in discovering how a person controls movement and how one acquires these skills (motor learning). I believe that if we can reveal the mechanisms underlying motor control and its acquisition, we will be able to apply this understanding to therapeutic treatment of those with motor and learning deficits. Please see my Research page for more information.

I enjoy working with students to help them acquire, integrate, and apply concepts and details within the life sciences. In my courses, and especially research thesis advising, I work alongside students to develop critical reading, thinking, analysis and skills in research methodology.

My current courses at Whitman:

BIOL 111 Biological Principles, with lab.

  • A major-required introduction to cellular, molecular and organismal biology; Fall, 4 cr

BIOL 330 Human Physiology, with lab.

  • A major-required upper-level course covering major human organ systems physiology. Spring, 4 cr.

BIOL 489, 490 Thesis Research and Data Analysis, Senior Thesis.

BBMB 490 Senior Research and Thesis.

  • Major-required courses across Fall and Spring of senior year. 1-3 cr.