TEE (Transparency in Ecology and Evolution)

I am collaborating with Fiona Fidler, Shinichi Nakagawa, and others to start a formal organization devoted to promoting transparency in ecology and evolutionary biology. We have a website set up as a start to this process.

TOP (Transparency and Openness Promotion)

I serve on the TOP Coordinating Committee which works to facilitate the effective functioning of the TOP guidelines, promote their adoption across scientific disciplines, and evaluate options for improvement of the guidelines.

TTEE (Tools for Transparency in Ecology and Evolution)

This is the primary product of the workshop I helped organize in November 2015 at the Center for Open Science. At that workshop, representatives from 30 prominent journals in ecology and evolutionary biology developed tools to allow journals in these disciplines to adopt TOP guidelines and to promote transparency in various other ways. Authors, reviewers, and editors who wish to more effectively adopt or promote transparent practices can find useful tools on this website.

Badges to Acknowledge Open Practices

I also serve on the committee to promote and improve the Badges to Acknowledge Open Practices as tools for improving transparency.




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Timothy H. Parker - Department of Biology - Whitman College

Below I've linked to several organizations that I work with as part of my effort to improve transparency in ecology, evolutionary biology, and beyond. For more explanation of my interests in transparency, see my research page.