TEAM WEED 1997-2010:
Here are the PI, Research Specialist, and just some of the many Whitman undergraduates who have worked in the Vernon Lab. As indicated, many have continued in research and gone on to pursue graduate degrees

Nancy Forsthoefel- Research Specialist

Dan Vernon -
PI [c.v.]

carrie2Carrie Picture Carrie Reinhart - Biology, class of 2011. Carrie joined Team Weed as an NSF research intern in 2009, working on both pollen development and floral induction in Arabidopsis pirl knockout mutants. Here, in the photo on the right, she pipettes an RNA sample under her thumbnail while setting up a qPCR reaction.

Laura Quennoz
BBMB (Biochemistry) major, class of 2011. NSF summer intern in the lab in 2009. Looking for RNA editing defects in Arabidopsis ppr knockout mutants, Laura ended up memorizing the sequence of each and every chloroplast transcript. And loving it.


Nick Davis - Biology, class of 2008. NSF summer research assistant, 2007 and staff research in 2008. Earned a black belt in qRT-PCR. Now in the PhD program, Molecular Pharmacology, University of Wisconsin.

Tovi Anderson - BBMB honors grad, 2004. Team Weed USDA-supported summer researcher, working on PPR gene evolution & knockout phenotypes. Ph.D., Genetics, Stanford University, 2008 Jillian Varonin - BBMB honors graduate, 2009. Now in the PhD program, Molecular Life Sciences, UCSF
Thuy Dao - BBMB '07. A Team Weed member and all-round lab dynamo for > 2 years as an honors student, NSF summer research intern, and later a staff research assistant. Now in the PhD program, Molecular Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University
Barbara Simeles Biology, 2008. When not cuddling huge plastic cows, Barbara worked as an NSF-funded Team Weed research intern, studying pollen development in pirl KO mutants.
Andrew Mathewson - Biology, 2009. A Team Weed NSF summer research intern in 2008 and Biology Honors student. Highly photogenic (especially when slathered w/ fluorescent paints). Now in the Molecular Biology PhD program, University of Washington

Brian Emmenegger-BBMB, '04. Brian surveyed seedling-defective phenotypes of ppr KO mutants. Now in the Molecular Biology Ph.D. program, Duke University

Dan Gestaut- Biochemistry, class of 2002. A USDA summer researcher with Team Weed in 2001, working on the embro defective175 mutant. Coauthor on a paper in 2005. Now: Biochemistry PhD program, University of Washington

Dan Cushing
Biology, 2003. "Alaska Dan" was and the heart, soul, & swim bladder of Team Weed for 2 years as a USDA-supported researcher, working with emb-ppr mutants. Along with 2 other Dans, he coauthored our 2005 paper on ppr KO mutants. Now: M.S, Oregon State U.

tori againtori
Tori Yamamoto- Biochemistry, 2002. A NSF summer researcher and later a research assistant, Tori worked with the Team Weed Mobile Lab Unit in at the University of Arizona in 2000, doing molecular screens to identify pirl knockout mutants. Later, a Research Biologist at the University of Washington

Kerry Cutler
Biology, '03. A USDA-supported summer research intern; Coauthor on our 2005 PIRL gene paper. She's shown here modeling the latest in lab glove and gogglewear. Now: PhD program, U. Wyoming

Mike Hannon- Biology, class of 1997. Team Weed member as a student and then as an NSF-supported research assistant. Mike worked with the Arabidopsis twn1 mutant, and was a co-author on a paper published in 2001. He then worked as a lab tech at UC-Berkeley, then earned his PhD, Molecular Biology, UC-San Diego, 2009 (No photo available; Mike approved our use of these shots of W)

Jennifer Eastberg
Biochemistry, class of 2001. Team Weed NSF summer researcher in 2000. PhD, 2007, Molecular Biology, UW/ Fred Hutchison Research Center. (No photo available).

Mardi (Brinck) Port- Biochemistry, class of 1998. A Team Weed NSF summer research assistant; later a co-author (2005). NSF Graduate Fellow & PhD, Molecular Pharmacology. Univ. of Washington (2007)

MyPhuong Le- Biology, class of 1998. Coauthor on a Team Weed paper on the twn1 mutant (2001). Went on to work in the Human Genome Center at the University of Washington.

Jeff Anderson- Biochemistry, class of 1997. Worked in the lab back when we still did Southern blots! PhD, Plant Molecular Biology, Cornell University, 2007. (No photo available)

Stacy Mackie- Biology, class of 1998. A Team Weed NSF summer intern, 1997. Went on to work as a Research Technician at the Mayo Clinic. Now a ResearchTech at Rocky Mountain Labs in MT.

t Marianne (Brady) Bryan- Biology, class of 2000. PhD, Molecular Immunology, 2009, University of Pittsburgh.

Maureen FitzMaurice - Biology, '05. A USDA-supported summer research assistant. (She's wearing BillyBob teeth in this, our only photo).

v Courtney Luke - Biology, class of 2000. A Team Weed NSF-supported summer researcher in 1998 and '99, Courtney worked on the emb175 mutant.

Annie Plantaric- Biology, 2000. NSF summer research intern
David Wilson- Biochemistry, honors graduate, 1999 (grad date 12/98). An NSF-supported summer researcher, Dave turned many embryos blue doing reporter gene assays.

bh Brady Hamilton-Biochemistry, class of 1997. Honors graduate and member of the first summer Team Weed. Brady did RT-PCR on the gene that would later be known as PIRL1. (No photo available; so we used this '72 Gibson SG).

Sonja Keenan- Biology, class of 1997. Member of the very first summer Team Weed. Went on to earn a Masters degree in Biology in the Benfey Lab at NYU. Now a biotech patent lawer. [No photo available]



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