[*Asterisks denote undergraduate student co-authors.   Bold designates peer-reviewed journals]


Forsthoefel NR, Dao TP, & Vernon DM (2010) The Arabidopsis LRR genes PIRL1 and PIRL9 are essential for differentiation of microspores into pollen. Submitted

Cushing DA*,   Forsthoefel NR,   Gestaut DR*, & Vernon DM  (2005) Arabidopsis emb 175 and other ppr knockout mutants reveal essential roles for PPR proteins in plant embryogenesis.   Planta, 221: 424-436. [Published online, 1/05:].

Forsthoefel N, Cutler K*, Port MD*, Yamamoto T*, & Vernon DM  (2005) PIRLs: A novel plant-specific class of intracellular leucine rich repeat proteins related to Ras-interacting LRR proteins from animals and yeast. Plant & Cell Physiology, 46: 913-922.

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Cushing DA*, Forsthoefel N, & Vernon DM.   Diverse Roles for PPR proteins in early plant pevelopment, In Preparation.

Forsthoefel N, & Vernon DM.   Overlapping genes and organ-specific aberrant mRNA splicing at the Arabidopsis PIRL6 locus.  In Preparation.


student presentations at undergraduate conferences not included)

Forsthoefel N, Reinhart C, Dao TP, Simeles BP & Vernon DM (2009) The Arabidopsis PIRL1 and PIRL9 genes are essential for microspore mitosis, growth and differentiation into pollen, and have limited functional overlap with related PIRLs. Plant Biology 2009 (ASPB Conference), Honolulu, HI [Abstract link]

Vernon DM, Shafer M &Forsthoefel NR (2009) An adaptable undergraduate molecular biology lab module that integrates use of genomic resources with bench experiments to pursue original research questions. Plant Biology 2009 conference, Honolulu, HI. [ASPB Abstract link] [Link from Vernon Lab homepage to Presentation Title, Intro & Contents ]

Vernon DM, Davis NA & Forsthoefel NR (2008) Diverse impacts of PPR knockout mutations on Arabidopsis embryo morphology, cell organization and plastid development. Plant Biology 2008 (ASPB conference), Merida, Mexico [invited minisymposium talk]

Forsthoefel NR, Simeles BP, Dao TP & Vernon DM (2008) The Arabidopsis PIRL1 and PIRL9 genes are essential for differentiation of microspores into pollen. Plant Biology 2008 (ASBP conference), Merida, Mexico. [Abstract Link]

Dao TP, Forsthoefel N, Vernon DM & Juers DH (2007) Expression, purification, and biophysical characterization of Arabidopsis LRR protein PIRL1. Meeting of the Biophysical Society, Baltimore, MD.

Forsthoefel N, Dao TP, Geiser HA, and Vernon DM (2006) The novel intracellular LRR proteins PIRL1 and PIRL9 are required for Arabidopsis pollen development and viability .   Plant Biology 2006 (ASPB conference),   Boston, MA [Invited minisymposium talk and poster presentation]

Forsthoefel N,   Geiser HA, & Vernon DM (2005) PIRL1 and PIRL9, novel intracellular LRR proteins, are required for pollen development in Arabidopsis.   Plant Biology 2005 (Meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists), Seattle, WA, July 2005.

Vernon DM (2005)   Developmental functions and genomic evolution of plant PPR proteins: insights from Arabidopsis knockout mutants.   Invited seminar, Molecular Biosciences & Bioengineering Department, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, June 2005

Anderson TM*, Hutchison D, & Vernon DM (2004) A possible role for RNA-mediated gene duplication in the evolution of a huge plant superfamily. Plant Biology 2004 (meetings of American Society of Plant Biology), Orlando, FL, July 2004   [invited minisymposium talk and poster presentation]; [Abstract link]

Cushing DA*, Gestaut DR*, Forsthoefel N, & Vernon DM   (2003) Essential roles for PPR proteins in plant development revealed by Arabidopsis knock-out mutants. Plant Biology 2003, Honolulu, HI, July, 2003 [invited minisymposium talk and poster presentation] [Abstract Link]

Forsthoefel N, Cutler K*, & Vernon DM   (2003) Overlapping genes and aberrant splicing at the Arabidopsis PIRL6 locus , Plant Biology 2003, Honolulu, HI, July, 2003 [poster presentation] [Abstract link]

Cushing DA, Gestaut DR & Vernon DM (2002)   Disruption of a PPR protein in the Arabidopsis emb175 mutant. Plant Biology 2002, Denver, CO, August 2002 [invited talk and poster presentation]

Vernon DM & Tax FE (2000) Jumbled genes: T-DNA associated chromosomal rearrangements: implications for genomics & reverse genetics, 11 th Intl Conf. on Arabidopsis Res., Madison, WI, 6/2000

Vernon DM , Brinck MD*, Brady MA*, Eastberg JH*, & Forsthoefel N (2000) SLATs(PIRLs): a family of Arabidopsis proteins resembling components of the RAS signaling pathway, Plant Biology 2000 conference (meeting of the ASPB), San Diego, CA, July, 2000

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PAST PAPERS on EMBRYOGENESIS in ARABIDOPSIS (done in lab of Dr. David Meinke, Oklahoma State University)

Vernon DM and Meinke DW (1995) The Late embryo-defective Mutants of Arabidopsis, Developmental Genetics, 16, 311-320. [Abstract]

Vernon DM and Meinke DW (1994) Embryogenic Transformation of the Suspensor in twin , a Polyembryonic Mutant of Arabidopsis. Developmental Biology, 165, 566-573. [doi:10.1006/dbio.1994.1276] [Abstract]

PAST PAPERS on STRESS PHYSIOLOGY, ICE PLANT, and POLYOLS (done in lab of Dr. Hans J. Bohnert, University of Arizona):

Forsthoefel NR, Vernon DM, Cushman JC (1995) A Salinity-Induced Gene from the Halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum Encodes a Glycolytic Enzyme, Phosphoglyceromutase, Plant Molecular Biology, 29, 213-226.

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Vernon DM, Ostrem JA, Schmitt JM, Bohnert HJ (1988) PEPCase Transcript Levels in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum Decline Rapidly upon Relief from Salt Stress. Plant Physiology, 86, 1002-1004.

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