The culture and environment of Sri Lanka's ancient heartland is threatened.

An American conglomerate is negotiating with the Sri Lankan Government to purchase rights to a 56 square kilometer region around Eppawala, and a 675 square km. "buffer zone" around that. Their plan for this home to thousands of villages, half a million rural Sri Lankans, pristine forest, countless endangered species, and extensive 2000-year-old archaeological preserves, monuments and irrigation tanks and canals? They want to turn it into a gigantic phosphate strip mine.

The people of Sri Lanka have risen up to oppose this project. The people of America are rising up to join them.

Americans for Eppawala is a non-profit clearing-house for textual and visual documentation of the culture and environment of the threatened region, local opposition to the project, scientific analyses of the project, official documents pertaining to the negotiations, and Sri Lankan media coverage of the issue.


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