It is my pleasure and privilege to acknowledge the support given by a number of organizations and individuals in the preparation of this book, chief amongst whom are: the International Forum on Globalization, for their invitation to the Teach-in on November 26; Tom and Ranmali Taggart who met me at the airport and hosted me in Seattle; Mary Boyd, Leo Broderick and Gudrun Oukels who had tickets for the Teach-in, who told the organizers inside that a man from far away Sri Lanka was waiting hopefully outside, without a ticket; Shawnee Hoover of IFG who had sent me the original invitation, who responded to this message by issuing a special ticket to enable me to attend the Teach-in; Various speakers at the Teach-in and other events whose names are mentioned in this book, from whom I learned so much about the WTO and globalization; the various authors and organizations whoe gave me permission to include their previously published contributions in this book; and the authors who wrote articles published in this book for the first time: Paul Hawken, Bruce Herbert, David Korten, Jonathan Walters, Caesar Voute, and Ivan Amerasinghe. And last but by no means least, Medha Patkar, and other sisters and brothers of the Narmada Bachao Andolan, for their inspiring example in fighting the WTO and the multinational corporations - my great regret is that I was not able to attend their bi-annual Convention in Anjad, Madhya Pradesh, March 11-13, 2000 on account of pressures of work at this end.

     A special word of thanks is due to the staff of Sarvodaya Vishca Lekha Press, especially Mr Susiri de Silva, Managing Director, and Mr M. Divilton Fernando, for meeting the deadline for launching this book on March 22, 2000, World Water day. And finally, my deep gratitude and thanks are due to my wife and children for their love and inspiration for all my endeavors. Without their support I would never have made it to Seattle, one of the truly memorable experiences of my life, not compiled this book afterwards.

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