Dedication         iii
        Acknowledgements         iv
        List of Illustrations         vii
        List of Figures         viii
        Authors- IFG Brains Trust         ix
Preamble         November 30, 1999 in Seattle - Paul Hawken         xxi
Preface         A View from Seattle - Bruce Herbert         xliv

        The Post Corporation World: Life After
        Capitalism - David C. Korten
        (Box: The Difference Between Money and Wealth)


        WTO, Globalization and Eppawala, after Seattle -
        D.L.O. Mendis
        (Boxes: TWN/KRRS Resolution: Keynote Speech by
        Mohamed Idris at TWN/KRRS Farmer's Rally,
        Bangalore, 1993: and Annex)

        Part I
        Run up to Seattle: Program of Events         27
Chapter 1

        The World Trade Organization - Inside and
        Outside Views

Chapter 2

        WTO's Slow-motion Coup against Democracy -
        Interview with Lori Wallach

Chapter 3

        WTO and the Third World - Interview with
        Martin Khor

Chapter 4

        The Threat of International Trade and Investment
        Agreements: NAFTA and the Canadian
        Experience - Maude Barlow

Chapter 5

        The Global Economy: Can it be Fixed? -
        David C. Korten

Annex   1

        Vandana Shiva's 1997 letters to Multinational
        Corporations engaged in Biopiracy in India:
        and UN Bio-safety Protocol,
        Montreal, February 2000

        Part II
        Seattle, November/December 1999: IFG Teach-in

Chapter 6

        More Steamrollering of South at Seattle? -
        Chakrawarti Raghawan

Chapter 7

        Beyond the WTO - Alternatives to Economic
        Globalization - IFG

Chapter 8         Eight Myths of Globalization - IFG         180
Chapter 9

        Impact of Globalization: Everything for Sale -
        Maude Barlow

Chapter 10

        Whose Trade Organization? - Lori Wallach
        and Michelle Sforza

Annex    2

        The IFG MEMORANDUM after Seattle -
        Jerry Mander and Debi Barker: and Seattle
        City Council's WTO Accountability
        Review Committee

        Part III
        Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial
        Revolution by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and L.
        Hunter Livns - its significance for sustainable
        development in Sri Lanka

Chapter 11

        Hydraulic Civilizations, Irrigation Ecosystems,
        and the Modern State: Professor E.O.E. Pereira
        Commemorative Lecture, 1989 - D.L.O. Mendis

Chapter 12

        Eppawala: Heart of the Ancient Kalaweva-
        Jayaganga Cultural Landscape of Rajarata -
        Caesar Voûte

Chapter 13

        Eppawala: Contribution to Nutrient Flows
        in the Ancient Aquatic Ecosystems of Rajarata -
        Ivan Amerasinghe

Chapter 14

        Eppawala and Seattle: and Report to the TOMEN
        Corporation of Japan on Eppawala -
        Jonathan Walters

Chapter 15

        Privatization of Water - Maude Barlow; Privatization
        trends in Sri Lanka - D.L.O. Mendis; and the
        Anti-WTO Rally in Narmada, India - Medha Patkar

Annex    3         Eppawala: Book Review - Dipak Giyawali         345
Bibliography: Contents page of The Case Against the Global Economy and
For a Turn toward the Local - Jerry Mander and Edward Goldsmith, Ed.

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