Prof. Paul H. Yancey, Whitman College
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Unfortunately, we ocean researchers haul up trash even 70 miles from shore and 3000m (almost 10,000 feet) deep (below).
70 mi. off Oregon: a can at 3000m/10,000ft

A can at 520m/1700ft deep off Calif.

Electronic trash we trawled up from 3000m deep, 40 miles off Monterey, CA.
2009, a submersible survey in the same area found recreational fishing gear dominating the debris.

THE OCEANS are in serious trouble. Stocks of commercially important fish have collapsed in many areas. Coral reefs have been dying at an alarming rate. The water is warming and acidifying. Ecosystems are shifting in unpredictable ways.

2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: News HERE

Click highlighted links in the list below to find out more information on some of these crises (updated July 2012); and also see "Is there any hope?" below for some attempts to correct the problems:

Is there any hope? Recent studies on MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) show that setting aside such reserves can help restore fisheries in nearby waters. Information on other efforts can be found below. HERE are SOME NEWS STORIES on SAVING THE OCEANS:

  • 2000 News: President Clinton signs bill to increase protection of the oceans
  • 2006 News: President Bush signs bill to create world's largest coral-reef reserve/MPA (Marine Protected Area).
  • 2009 News: President Bush designates 3 huge marine reserves
  • 2009 News: New studies show that properly managed fisheries can recover!
  • 2010 News: Congress passes a ban on shark finnning!

  • OTHER NEWS SITES: you can find the latest environmental news concerning the oceans and other habitats at the sites below:

    Websites for Marine and Global environmental information:

    WANT TO HELP? Want to see what is being done to help save the oceans? If you are interested, check out these organizations in the green boxes below on environmental problems and initiatives:
    Ocean Conservancy Ocean Conservation Society
    MarineBio Conservation Society