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Hello, and welcome to my website. Please feel free to explore.

I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at Whitman College, where I came because of the college's congenial atmosphere, balance between teaching and research, and tradition of student-faculty collaboration. My teaching interests include personality, abnormal psychology, applied psychology, science of sexual orientation, and undergraduate thesis. I also teach research methods and have taught forensic psychology, and I am somewhat versed in basic neuroscience and psychopharmacology.

My research will likely continue to address personality, personality pathology, psychopathy, self-defining memories, and other topics described in greater detail under "projects."

I am interested in working on research with students who are curious about personality, mental illness, psychological adjustment, relational functioning, the effects of emotions and motivation on decision making, and sexual orientation.

In addition to teaching and research, I am a licensed psychologist with a small private practice in Walla Walla, focusing on psychological assessment. My practice is not associated with Whitman College.