Calculus Lab
Spring 2017

A laboratory to investigate ways in which the computer can help in understanding the calculus and in dealing with problems whose solutions involve calculus. No programming required; a variety of existing programs will be used. Prerequisite or corequisite for Mathematics 235: Mathematics 225 (Calc 3);
There is no textbook required for this course.

Information about the Math/CS Computer Labs is Here. This includes how to remotely log into the lab, change your password, etc.

Latex Templates galore (

Week 1: Jan 17/19, 2017

Week 2: Jan 24/26, 2017

This week, we do a bit more in Latex and we introduce Maple. In Latex, we figure out how to insert a figure and how to set up a label and reference that label in our document.

Latex Material

Maple Material

Week 3: Jan 31/Feb 2, 2017

This week, we will look at more plotting options in Maple, then write a short document in LaTeX using our results.

Week 4: Feb 7/9, 2017

This week- More on Maple. We'll start the lab on biorhythms.

Week 5: Feb 14/16, 2017

This week, we'll continue writing up the solutions to the biorhythms lab.

Week 6: Feb 21 (A) and Mar 2 (B)

This week, we will look at more Maple commands- In particular, we'll work through discussions of (1) Curves and Surfaces, and (2) Limits and Derivatives, and then there is a set of 6 exercises to solve using Maple. You may, as usual, work in groups. Due: Before our next class session.

Week 7: Feb 28 (A) and Mar 9 (B), (Midsemester)

For the next two weeks, we'll be looking at the theorem from Calculus III known as ``Clairaut's Theorem''. This first week, we'll get some background questions answered. Next week, we'll work on our writing.

Week 8: Mar 7 (A) and Mar 30 (B)

Continue working on Clairaut's Theorem. This week, really focus on your writing! Your paper is due before our next class session.

Week 9: Mar 28 (A) and Apr 6 (B)

General Note: For the last 5 weeks of class, we'll spend 2.5 class days on the lab starting this week, and the last 2.5 class days looking at a LaTeX add-on called ``Beamer''.

Week 10: Apr 4 (A) and Apr 13 (B)

Week 11: Apr 18/20, 2017

Week 12: Apr 25/27, 2017

Week 13: May 2/4, 2017

Reserve Friday, May 12 1:30PM-4:30PM for Talks

More on this as we get closer to the date.