Calculus Lab
Spring 2015

A laboratory to investigate ways in which the computer can help in understanding the calculus and in dealing with problems whose solutions involve calculus. No programming required; a variety of existing programs will be used. Prerequisite or corequisite for Mathematics 235: Mathematics 225 (Calc 3);
There is no textbook required for this course.

Mathematics Computer Lab Hours, Spring 2015 (Also posted outside the lab door)

Week 1: Jan 21, 2015

Week 2: Jan 28, 2015

This week, we look at more LaTeX and then we introduce Maple.

Week 3: Feb 4, 2015

This week, we will look at more plotting options in Maple, then write a short document in LaTeX using our results.

Week 4: Feb 11, 2015

This week, we'll talk briefly about more issues with LaTeX, then introduce our first larger lab. We will break into groups, and work for the remaining time today and for the hour next week.

Week 5: Feb 18, 2015

This week, we'll continue writing up the solutions to the biorhythms lab. DUE: Monday, Feb 23 (10PM)

Week 6: Feb 25, 2015

This week starts a three-week set of ''labs'' that deals with surfaces. This week, we'll get some definitions and Maple commands. There are several questions to answer in Maple: Due before class next week (upload the Maple file). UPDATE: Deadline extended to Saturday, March 7 at 10PM.

Weeks 7-8: March 4, 2015

This week starts a two week lab that looks at Clairaut's Theorem. There is a list of questions to get you started, but you'll be turning in a narrative (about the theorem) in LaTeX. The overall lab will be due by Saturday, March 14 at 10PM (or before you go on break). Here is a list of resources for the lab.

Weeks 9-12: April 1, 2015

For the next two weeks, we'll focus on geodesics of the torus, what that means, and how to use Maple to answer questions about them. The remaining time will focus on writing up our results. Week of April 9th: Week of April 15: No new additions. This week, work on writing.
DUE: The PDF file should be uploaded by Saturday 11:59PM.

Starting Apr 22: Beamer

Last Session: May 6th