Calculus Lab Notes
Fall 2003

Lab 1: Latex And Maple

The first part of Lab 1 is here, which is due at the beginning of our next class: The second part of Lab 1:

Pre-Lab 2: More on LaTeX, and a Sample Write Up

Lab 2: The Spirograph!

A Note About Exporting Postscript Files (if you don't like Maple's default way of doing things)

Lab 3: Clairaut's Theorem

Lab 4: Which is Faster- Going Up or Coming Down?

Lab 5: Ants on a Doughnut

Math Lab Information Here, you will find information on such things as:
  1. How to share files between you and your partner (Look at "Using sftp to Transfer Files Between Accounts"
  2. How to get/put information on a floppy drive (we don't use Windows, we use an operating system called "Linux", so this is different than you're used to... Look at "Using Windows Formatted Floppies"