Calculus Lab Notes
Fall 2006

Lab 1: Latex And Maple

The first part of Lab 1 is here:
Here is a sample document with errors for our second meeting: errors.tex
The second part of Lab 1:

Lab 2: The Spirograph!

  1. The Lab Questions (PDF format)
    1. The Lab Questions (.tex file)
    2. Figure 1 (Circles.eps)
    3. Figure 2(a)
    4. Figure 2(b)
  2. A Sample Lab Write Up
  3. Grading Worksheet: Lab 2

Lab 3: Clairaut's Theorem

  1. Chapter 14 of Stewart: Continuity, Partial Derivatives, Tangent Planes and Gradients
  2. Lab 3 Questions (in PDF)
  3. Lab 3 (in LaTeX)
  4. Grading Checklist for Lab 3
  5. Some Related Notes
  6. Related Notes, LaTeX format

Lab 4: The Solar System

  1. Lab Questions
  2. Animation Example in Maple (Right-Click on this link and choose "Save Link As..."
  3. Solar System Data (From UCAR in Boulder, CO)
  4. One link to The Great Conjunction
  5. Here are some LaTeX notes about typing in an array of values, and how to put multiple plots on a single figure:
  6. Grading Checklist for Lab 4

Lab 5: Ants on a Doughnut

  1. Lab Setup (in PDF)
  2. Maple Sample 1: Constructing the Torus and Sample Paths 1 and 2 (SampleDoughnut.mws)
  3. Maple Sample: Path 3 (SamplePath3.mws)
  4. Maple Sample: Path 4 (SamplePath4.mws)
  5. Grading Checklist
  6. Be sure to note your smallest path length! Prize awarded on December 6/7.

Misc. Maple Notes

  1. Additional Notes on the Maple Interface. This is a rather large file- If you want to keep a copy, download it and save it to your Math Lab account (I'll take it down in a couple of weeks).

Misc Latex Notes

  1. How to Insert a Figure into LaTeX (a PDF file)
  2. To print your document: Right-click the DVI file, and choose to open it with KDVI. The KDVI viewer will have a print option.

I want LaTeX on my own computer!

If you want to install LaTeX on your personal computer running Windows, there is an installation CD available in the lab- If you borrow it, please return it!!

For more info, you can go to the TeX User's Group (TUG) website; the software package is called "proTeXt".

This CD contains everything you need- LaTeX itself (the version is called MiKTeX), a choice of editors (TeXnicCenter, which is free, and a 30-day trial of WinEdt), and it also has the software needed to view/print PostScript files.

Please do not download the program onto the Math Lab computers- It is a rather large package!
Math Lab Information Here, you will find information on such things as:
  1. How to share files between you and your partner (Look at "Using sftp to Transfer Files Between Accounts"
  2. How to get/put information on a floppy drive (we don't use Windows, we use an operating system called "Linux", so this is different than you're used to... Look at "Using Windows Formatted Floppies"