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Modeling II
Math 350, Spring 2004

The second semester modeling course does not have the first semester as its prerequisite. The main reason for this is that we'll be doing multivariate modeling, which is quite different from the one dimensional version.

In this course, we will primarily be doing Empirical versus analytic modeling- that is, we'll be doing lots of data analysis.

Listing of the Homework week by week


  1. Letter E data
  2. Card Game for Chapter 3 (right click and "Save Link Target As...")
  3. The "banditE" program for reinforcement learning on the n-armed bandit problem
  4. Driver for the banditE program (that is, use this script file to run banditE.m

Exam 1 Materials

  1. Review Questions, Part I
  2. Review Questions, Part II
  3. Solutions to (12), Part II Review

Chapter 6 (KL) materials

Chapter 11 (Radial Basis Functions) materials

Chapter 12 (Feed Forward Neural Networks

Final Project Materials: DUE by Tuesday, May 18th- No exceptions (you can turn them in sooner than that)