Calculus Lab
Spring 2014

A laboratory to investigate ways in which the computer can help in understanding the calculus and in dealing with problems whose solutions involve calculus. No programming required; a variety of existing programs will be used. Prerequisite or corequisite for Mathematics 235: Mathematics 225 (Calc 3);
There is no textbook required for this course.
Computer Lab Hours

Week 1: Jan 20-24, 2014

Week 2: Jan 27-31

Week 3: Feb 3-7

Week 4: Feb 10-14

For Weeks 4 and 5, we'll be working on the lab below.

Week 5: Feb 17-21

This week, we will continue with the Biorhythms lab. Be sure and look over the grading criteria included below! (The due date was listed in the previous entry)

Week 6: Feb 24-28

Week 7: Mar 03-07

Continuing working on Lab 2 (Clairaut).

Week 8: Mar 10-14

We'll have a short assignment at the beginning of class. You may use the rest of the class time to work on Lab 2. (Due: Before you leave for break, or Sunday, Mar 16 at midnight).

Week 9: Lab 3, Surfaces

Week 10: Ants on a Doughnut

Week 11: Continue with Lab 4

Week 12: Final lab write up

This week, we'll review what Lab 4 is all about, and the grading criteria. These were also linked above, but here they are again:

Week 13: Beamer

Week 14: Continue working with Beamer...