Operations Research (Math 339)
Fall 2013

Textbook Links

Image for textbook The textbook is ``Introduction to Mathematical Programming: Applications and Algorithms, Volume 1" by Wayne Winston and Munirpallam Venkataramanan. It is the 4th edition, and links are below if you'd like more information about it. NOTE to students who have the older textbook: The first 10 chapter of this text are identical to the first 10 chapters of ``Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms''. Talk to me if you only have this book.

First day stuff

Material By Chapter

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 6 (Sensitivity Analysis)

Chapter 12 (Nonlinear Programming)

Exam Review Material

  1. Exam 1 Materials:
  2. Exam 2 Materials: Recall from class- You may use a calculator for arithmetic during the exam, and we will have a take-home portion of the exam that will be due on Monday at the beginning of class.

Final Exam Materials

Maple/LINDO/LINGO/Data files

For the Curious...