Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
Fall 2003

This course explores the process of building, analyzing and interpreting mathematical descriptions of real-world processes. The course introduces basic techniques, which may include such topics as data fitting, modeling with functions, discrete dynamics, differential equations, and simulation modeling.

The Textbook: Mathematical Modeling, A Comprehensive Introduction, By Michael J. Kirby and Gerhard Dangelmayr

This textbook is in DRAFT FORM. It is included below as a courtesy to the students at Whitman in Math 250, and may be pulled off the web as the semester progresses. Students: Please do not print more copies than you need- I will be passing out hardcopy in class.
  1. Chapter One (Introduction)
  2. Chapter Two (Scale, Proportion and Dimensional Analysis)
  3. Chapter Three (Linear Programming) (Updated Sep 25)
  4. Chapter Four (Nonlinear Programming)(Updated Oct 21 2003)
  5. Chapter Five (Data Fitting)
  6. Chapter Six (Difference Equations)

Handouts from Class: