Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
Fall 2005

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This course explores the process of building, analyzing and interpreting mathematical descriptions of real-world processes. The course introduces basic techniques, which may include such topics as data fitting, modeling with functions, discrete dynamics, differential equations, and simulation modeling.

Text Links

  1. Table of Contents, Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Neural Networks

Course Handouts (Non-Matlab)


  1. Syllabus and Course Outline
  2. Second set of Homework (For the week of September 12-16)
  3. A Summary of the Universal Scaling Law in Biology
  4. Homework 2 Solutions
  5. Homework 3 solutions (Dimensional Analysis)
  6. SOLUTIONS to the In Class Dimensional Analysis Problems
  7. Chapter 3 Class Notes (with Homework Set 4)
  8. Line of Best Fit (with Linear Programming)
  9. Homework Set 5

Exam 1 Materials

  1. EXAM 1 Review Questions
  2. Review SOLUTIONS

Exam 2 Materials

  1. EXAM 2 Review Questions
  2. EXAM 2 Review Solutions

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