Linear Algebra

Spring 2016

Our text is: Linear Algebra and its Applications, Third Edition (Updated), by David Lay. Here is the link from if you would like the ISBN or more information.

Beginning Materials

Material by Chapter

  1. Chapter 1:
  2. Chapter 4:
  3. Chapter 5
  4. Chapter 6
  5. Chapter 7

Matlab Notes

Material for Exams

Exam 1

  1. Review questions, Exam 1
  2. Solutions to the review questions (Typo on 18(c)- 5^4 instead of 5^3)

Exam 2

  1. Summary of topics for Exam 2
  2. Review questions, Exam 2
  3. Solution to review

Exam 3

  1. Summary of topics for Exam 3
  2. Review questions, Exam 3
  3. Review solutions, Exam 3

Final Exam Materials

  1. Review sheet that focuses only on the last portion of class Typo: In (1), b=[1,2,1]^T (Fixed now)
  2. Solutions to Review 4
  3. Overview for the Final
  4. Review Questions, Final
  5. Solutions to the review questions (Typos: 11(a), eigenvectors were incorrect, and in (20), "onto" was left out (both corrected now).

Take Home Part of the Final Exam

  1. Description of the three problems (FinalTH.pdf).
  2. Re-edited SampleAuthor.m file (SampleAuthor.m) for you to use as a template for the third problem. Remember that this uses the data in "author.mat", linked from the "More Matlab" exercises.
  3. A Template Matlab file you can use to get you started. (FinalExamTH.m)
  4. FinalExamData1.mat is the data file referred to in Exercise 1. (Right-click, then "Save Link As...")
  5. ExamFaceData.mat is the data set referred to in Exercise 3. Be sure to use SampleAuthor.m as a template for your answer.

Short Video about how to publish your Matlab code to PDF

NOTE: Alternatively, print out your code (with comments answering the questions) and slide it under my office door. If you can get an electronic format (PDF), you can email it instead of uploading to CLEo.