Fall 2012

Note on the Text

The Calculus text you will use depends on the professor that is teaching the course. For the Fall 2012 semester (Calculus I, Math 125), Prof. Hundley and Prof. Keef will be teaching out of the Stewart Calculus text with links below. Other professors may use other texts, so be sure to double check at the bookstore or with the professor.

If you're buying this on your own: Caution! The publisher has many versions of this book, and only a few will work for this class. We teach using the "Early Transcendentals" textbooks, and in the 7th edition, there is: (1) the full, main textbook (which is the first link below, and could be used in all three semesters here at Whitman, although several professors use free editions of other texts), (2) The single-variable version of the full textbook (Chapters 1-11, or the equivalent of Calc I and II) can be used if you're definitely not taking Calc III.

NOTE: Of the other versions out there, do NOT buy the text with HYBRID written across the front- It doesn't have any section exercises! (You have to purchase additional online access).

Here are links to texts that are OK (In particular, note the ISBN numbers

Beginning Material and Homework

Materials by Chapter

Exam Materials

Extras... For Fun!