Math 225: Calculus III, Spring 2009

Textbook: The text we will use is "Calculus (with Early Transcendentals)", by James Stewart, 6th Edition. If you absolutely must use an old edition, it is up to you to match up the homework and sections- It can be quite an inconvenience.

Here is the publisher's website in case you want the ISBN numbers. Look for Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 6th Edition (you may need the ISBN if you're trying to find it used).

Why are we not using the online textbook? It has been my own experience that you should not only have an excellent text to learn from, but also to keep on your bookshelf.

Initial Handouts

Chapter 10 (Parametric Curves and Polar Coordinates)

Chapter 12 (Vectors)

Chapter 13

Looking for a review of Calc I stuff? Here is a summary sheet

Review materials: Exam 1

Chapter 14

Materials for Exam 2

NOTE: Exam 2 will be given at 5:30PM in Olin 340-342 on Thursday, March 12th. There will be no class on Friday morning. You may (should) bring a calculator (for those max/min problems especially). Exam 2 Solutions

Handouts for Chapter 15

Handouts for Chapter 16

Materials for Exam III

Information for the Final Exam