Linear Algebra

Fall, 2004

Syllabus, Calendar and Assignments

Exam 1 Materials

Post Exam 1 Assignment is HERE

Exam 2 Materials

Other Handouts

Matlab and Complex Numbers

  1. Complex Numbers Summary Sheet
  2. Complex Numbers Homework
  3. The Letter E (letterE.m). Right click and choose "Save As..."
  4. This file creates a column of complex numbers that form the letter E. To use this, save the file. In Matlab, type in: X=letterE; and the column vector X will be created. Check to see that Matlab sees this as a complex vector- If not, see me. To see the letter E, simply type: plot(X)

Other Matlab Datasets

  1. CricketData.mat: Number of Chirps per minute versus Temperature in Fahrenheit
  2. PlanetData.mat: Distance to the Sun versus Time to Complete an Orbit (in Years)
  3. Faces
  4. Faces2

Homework Set: Line of Best Fit

  1. Homework Assignment (Due Friday)
  2. Body measurement data
  3. Hanford data
  4. Data for Mammals

Matlab Examples: SVD and Best Basis

  1. SVD for Clown
  2. Best Basis Summary

Final Exam REVIEW Materials

  1. Multiple Choice Review Questions: Ignore Question 23. You should also review your old exams!
  2. Solutions to the Multiple Choice Questions
  3. More Final Review Questions
  4. Solutions are now posted